Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym

Odyssey 1’s Jungle Gym Soft Play park offers adventures and fun for all kids ten and younger..

Our Jungle Gym Park has a soft play area that allows safe fun for those that are just learning how to play in groups, providing an area for kids 4 and younger.

The Jungle Gym Soft Play Park offers kids the chance to climb, jump, swing, bounce and crawl through the mazes, tunnels and toys that are designed just for them!

Our guests can romp and roam in and out, over and under, and throughout the play park for hours and never discover all of the wonders that our Jungle Gym Soft Play Park holds.


  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Crossbars
  • Trolley Slide
  • Roller Slide
  • Club House
  • Lots of FUN & Excitement

Not sure you want to do a party in our Jungle Gym Party? Here are some other ideas to do while you decide if a party in our Jungle Gym Park is right for you.

Suggested FUN time in our Jungle Gym Park:

  • Let your little one have fun when the weather is cold
  • Schedule a play date and catch up with the other parents while the youngsters play
  • Schedule a field trip for the kids at your daycare group for a couple of hours of fun away from the daycare center
  • Bring the whole family and let the kids have fun on the swings and in the tunnels
  • Visit the Jungle Gym Park with a school, scout, or church group and receive $1.00 off a game of laser tag with each play park admission.

There are many other reasons to come visit our Jungle Gym Park with your children. We would love to hear why your group chose to visit our Jungle Gym Park. Please contact us here to let us know about your experience.

Our Jungle Gym Play Park Pricing

  • $7.85 for kids ages 2 and over Monday -Friday
  • $9.45 for kids ages 2 and over Saturdays & Sundays
  • $2.25 for little kids under age 2
  • FREE for kids under age 2 with a $7.85 or $9.45 paid admission
  • FREE for the supervising adults

We also do Jungle Gym Birthday parties. Check out what we include in the pricing!

$156.45 minimum, up to 7 kids, $17.25 for each extra kid weekdays

$163.00 minimum, up to 7 kids, $17.85 for each extra kid weekends

*Play Park designed for children 10 and younger

Our Jungle Gym Birthday Parties – the following is included in pricing


$175.00 minimum, up to 7 kids, $17.85 for each extra kid weekdays

$225.00 minimum, up to 7 kids, $19.85 for each extra kid weekends

  1. 1 Hour and 45 minutes in a Private Party Room (Room time starts immediately upon your scheduled arrival time.  Sorry, extra room time is not available due to other party arrivals)
  • 8 Admissions into the Jungle Gym Area
  • 2 Medium freshly made pizzas (16 slices, up to 2 toppings)
  • 2 Pitchers pf Soft Drinks
  • 100 Game Tokens
  • Plates, cups napkins, utensils, and candles
  • Set-up and Clean-up
  • You bring the Guest of Honor and the cake!

$17.85 for each additional child weekdays, $19.85 weekends
*Play Park designed for children 10 years and younger.

Are you looking for a little bit extra for your party? We have extras for you to select!

Party Extras

  • The party attendant helps with setup and clean up.
  • Game of Laser Tag – $6.85 per game
  • Jewelled Crown – $5.25

*Please note that cakes are NOT included in our party packages. For more information about how cakes work with our parties, contact us today.*

Please call 253-566-3231 to schedule your party and secure your reservation with a deposit for a blast at Odyssey 1 or book on-line