Olympia Children’s Activities

Disclaimer: We are located in Tacoma and our address is 2310 W. Mildred Street, Suite #110, Tacoma WA 98466 . We serve families from all over Western Washington. Come back here for specific specials for your best experience!

Are you looking for ideas around the Olympia community for your children’s activities or birthday party? Maybe Basketballyou are just looking to host a kids party for the neighborhood kids? Or perhaps you are looking for a great way close to Olympia to get some excess energy out of those little guys that need to do some running around, but it’s been raining for the past two weeks just like Olympia is famous for.

Well look no farther than Odyssey 1 for your children’s activities or your next kids party. At Odyssey 1 we have many ways to make sure your child has the time of their life:

  • Laser Tag is a great way to allow the kids to run around in a controlled setting
  • Our Fun Center is the best in the Olympia area and filled with children’s activities
  • Check out our Game Center with tons of arcade games great for any kids party
  • A Jungle Gym is perfect children’s activities for those energetic types

Activities for Kids

Don’t take your kids party somewhere where you’ll have to quiet everyone down all the time and try and keep them under wraps; this is their kids party, let them get out and enjoy themselves with the best that the Olympia area has to offer.

Odyssey 1 is perfect for any type of children’s activities you are looking to create for your children around the Olympia area:

  • Birthday Parties or just for kids party
  • Groups and Field Trips
  • Seasonal outings and children’s activities
  • Just because parties and rewards
  • Energetic children’s activities
  • Kids party for hard to please kids

Kids Party

With so many fun games and children’s activities, we’re sure to have something for every kids party to connect with and engage in. And we offer a great seating area for adults and parents to sit, talk, and relax, while they Blowing out Candleswatch their children play. We even have free Wi-Fi for those adults who like to surf the web or get a little bit of work done while they watch their children’s activities or kids party.

If you are living in Olympia or anywhere around the Olympia area and are looking to throw the best kids party or children’s activities ever, come on down to Odyssey 1 and let us take the guess work out of what your child wants to do. Whether it be laser tag, jungle gyms, fun centers, or our magnificent game center, we’ve got what they want.

Call Odyssey 1, the best name in entertainment in the Olympia area today!