Children Activities for Kids in the Puget Sound Area


Odyssey 1 has been providing recreational fun for Puget Sound area residents from 1993 to today.

Puget Sound residents enjoy having FUN at Odyssey 1 with their children, family, and friends. We offer fun experiences in a variety of ways for kids and adults.

Birthday Party or Kids Party for Puget Sound residents can include:

  • Playing in our awesome Laser Tag Arena with the whole family
  • Parents watching the little ones swing, jump, and crawl in the tunnels in our Jungle Gym Park
  • Playing games against each other in the Game Center
  • Sitting down for lunch together at our Concession Stand
  • Selecting prizes in our Redemption Center

We enjoy watching our visitors have a lot of FUN here at Odyssey 1. We like to watch the little ones jump and bounce all around the Jungle Gym Park. The excitement in the Laser Tag Arena is usually one of high energy as players go up against each other to win the game. The Concession Stand offers a chance to fuel back up with pizza, soda pop, nachos, and cappuccinos for the parents. Our Game Center allows the whole family to play games, compete against each other, and try out new games. After the family is done playing, head on over to the Redemption Center to exchange your tickets for prizes. We offer gadgets and toys that kids just love to pick and choose which ones they want.

More FUN experienced by Puget Sound area residents:

  • Birthday parties that can include pizza and soda pop
  • Parties for special occasions
  • Private banquet facilities available for party guests
  • Choices of different packages based on your plans
  • We assign a party attendant to help facilitate a fun experience for all guests

We enjoy helping parents and field trip coordinators from all over Puget Sound to plan their parties and group outings. We do require advanced reservations as well as a deposit for all parties. We are happy to discuss the party planning process in more detail when you call us.

Puget Sound area residents look to us to bring fun to the lives of their children with a lot of options. Some children prefer the Laser Tag Arena while others want to stay in our Game Center the entire time. The little ones tend to want to stay in our Jungle Gym Park because of all of the things to do and see while there.

We believe that children need to have FUN in their lives. That is why we are providing fun for children from all over Puget Sound.

Parents want their children to have fun, too. That is why Puget Sound area parents bring their children to Odyssey 1 for play dates, parties, and other social gatherings.

For more details on our different activities and pricing, please visit the appropriate pages here on our website.

Our staff will be happy to assist you in planning parties and answering your questions. Please call us today to plan your party or event here at Odyssey 1.